Haller important to Ajax, but as a substitute: 'Think a good choice'.

"Ajax straight back after a weak start." If Erik ten Hag would be head of the newspaper, it would be above the story about the top Ajax-PSV who finished in 2-2. Partly thanks to brand new purchase S├ębastien Haller, who took care of the assist on the equalizer.

Question beforehand was mainly why the rush hour purchased for a record amount of 22.5 million was not the basis. "No idea, you'll have to ask the trainer," says Haller laughing. So said, so done: "Because he had a busy week", replies Ten Hag.

"He didn't know at the beginning of the week that he would play for Ajax at the end. He has to get used to our playing style and to his fellow players. But I did find the time to bring him to rest."

Yes, Haller acknowledges: "These days have been very busy. So I think it was a good choice to get me started on the couch."

As a switch, Haller saw his teammates quickly fall behind; within two minutes PSV scored and after twenty minutes it was 0-2. Ten Hag hated it, but also praised his boys on how they toppled the game.

"That's class, that draws the spirit in the team. Because it certainly wasn't easy for a number of players to get into the game," said Ten Hag, who saw his team make the connection goal in the first half.

Emportant role Haller

After rest, Ajax cleaned away the damage completely, with a leading role for Haller, as mentioned above. A goal from the 26-year old striker was rejected, but a little later he gave the assist on Antony's 2-2 after a strong push.

"It's a little frustrating. We didn't start off well and after three minutes we already had a goal against", Haller tells about what he saw as a substitute from the bench. "After that, we fought to get back, which was nice to see."


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