The whimsical career of Heraclied Vloet: 'A resume of life lessons'.

"A resume of life lessons." That's what Rai Vloet calls it himself, but he understands that an outsider, on seeing his player passport, would rather think 'not successful' or at least 'very restless'.

"It is indeed a lot of clubs in a short time," says Vloet with a sense of understatement. The midfielder is only 25, but is already on his ninth club. After adventures at PSV, Cambuur, Eindhoven, NAC, FC Chiasso (Switzerland), Frosinone (Italy), Sint-Truiden (Belgium) and Excelsior, he's now settled at Heracles.

"It's never as simple as people think. There's a story behind everything." Vloet's story has many chapters, but the summary could be that his choices haven't always worked out happily.

"You want to make sure that you're in the right place," he said. In Italy and Belgium, where Vloet barely got to play and was left to his own devices, he quickly matured. His horizons widened with the many documentaries and podcasts to combat boredom.

Since then, Vloet is no longer the guy who, like the prevailing image of the stereotypical young footballer, is only concerned with fast cars and beautiful women. "I sound like an old fart now, but I've had those days. I now know what the main things in life are."

'The perfect match'

It's partly because of that development that the choice for Heracles seems to be working out. With seven goals and three assists, Vloet grew into a key player in Frank Wormuth's squad in the first half of the season.

The absolute highlight was of course the victory of the Dutchman.

"The crazy thing is that you only enjoy it for a short time. After the match I got into the car with a great feeling, but during the drive home I was already thinking about the future: How am I going to surpass this? What did I do today that I need to do again next week? What if opponents start paying more attention to me? That kind of questions."

New goal: 15 goals

In the following matches Vloet noticed that opponents indeed gave him less space than before. "Then it became clear that it was more difficult to score goals," the Brabander admits. Toughly speaking, the target Vloet set himself at the start of the season is already in sight. "I didn't say it out loud at the time, but I had set myself the target of finishing in the double digits."

To achieve that, the club's players have to be in the top three.

To achieve that, just three more goals are needed in the remaining nineteen games. "That doesn't sound very ambitious does it? Shall I adjust that to fifteen goals now? Yes, I will!"


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